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East West Acupuncture Center | Roseville, CA

151 N Sunrise Ave, Suite 819
Roseville CA 95661
(916) 786-8100
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Are you tired of your aches and pains?
Do you feel as though your health could be better?
Are you unhappy with the suggestions your doctor made?  Or treatments you received that didn’t work?
Roxanne Feher and  Anna Tsu are the licensed acupuncturists here at East West Acupuncture Center.  They both have their Masters degree in Oriental Medicine.  They became licensed to practice acupuncture in 2000. 

Roxanne is also a registered nurse.  She has always been interested in assisting people to heal.  She originally choose nursing as a profession because of her desire to help people.  She began her study of herbal medicine when she was 13.  Her mother taught her about  herbs and their uses.  She still remembers the smell of those herbs in their jars.  Today she loves seeing patients get great results from the herbal formulas prescribed.  Please see her CV for more information.

Anna also benefited from spending a year in Shanghai, China, during which time she was able to visit and learn from the local hospitals and colleges of Chinese medicine.  She spent seven years studying under a master of the Chinese internal martial arts in San Diego and competed in national full-contact tournaments. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Protection from U.C. Berkeley.

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I have had insomnia off and on for the past twenty years. Three years before seeing Roxanne I had begun treating my condition with western sleeping aids. When I first moved to California my prescription no longer worked for me, and, even with the drugs I was only able to get 2-4 hours of sleep at night, and never felt rested. I was at my wit's end, and se...

East West Acupuncture Center has helped people from all walks of life with almost every type of health condition.  We specialize in women’s health and infertility, but also treats many other conditions such as muscular-skeletal problems, allergies, headaches, anxiety and addictions.

We both feel that the Western medical method of treatment can sometimes just provide palliative care, and  that acupuncture can get to the root of the problem.  Which will help our patients more.
See what our patients have to say about working with us, and the results they’ve experienced. 

Please visit the Testimonials page...