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East West Acupuncture Center | Roseville, CA

151 N Sunrise Ave, Suite 819
Roseville CA 95661
(916) 786-8100
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I'm so happy to have found a knowledgeable Chinese Herbalist in the SWomen's Testimonials | East West Acupuncture Center | Roxanne Feher, LAcacramento area. Roxanne has helped me with various PMS and pre-menopausal issues, including uterine fibroids, breast pain, insomnia and fatigue. I've been very pleased with the results. I appreciate the wealth of personal experience she has in working with herbs and women's health issues. In many cases she can give advise based on personal experience – this is something that I appreciate.
Marie, Roseville

After suffering with morning sickness for a month and trying everything recommended by my physician (e.g., candied ginger, pressure point wrist bands, ginger ale, eating small meals, crackers, etc.) without success, I came to see Roxanne and after the first session I actually felt like I could eat. I went out for lunch that day and was able to eat my whole lunch! By the second session the morning sickness had greatly subsided and within a week after my second session my morning sickness was gone. I am very grateful for her help. I don't know how I would have managed to continue working if the morning sickness had continued. I would recommend Roxanne's services to anyone suffering with morning sickness...she was a life saver! Thank you again!!!
Cindy, Citrus Heights

Just when I thought I was out of choices for dealing with my hot flashes, I came to East West Acupuncture. I am taking Tamoxifen for breast cancer prevention, and a major side effect of this medication is severe hot flashes. I was so desperate because my hot flashes were every twenty minutes and I was extremely agitated and very weak from loss of sleep. After three days I noticed that the entire morning had passed without a hot flash. That night I had the deepest sleep I hadn't known for months. Discovering acupuncture was a blessing in disguise for me. Not only has it revitalized me and improved my health but knowing I am being treated by someone who has experience with women's health issues gives me the confidence to know I am in good hands. Roxanne adds a personal touch to my treatments by giving me articles on foods, herbs, teas aromatherapy, which compliments my treatments. This is a must treatment for women battling breast cancer or for any women concerned about overall health and well being!

Marlene, Rio Linda

In April 2003, before I met you, my migraines were so debilitating when they hit without warning, that I couldn't think, walk or talk, but just stay in bed. No meds that I had been prescribed gave me any long term relief. I had already had to leave my job when I came to see you. Meeting Roxanne was refreshing. No one had asked me as many questions about myself ever. And she used that information and what I said each week to help me. I was very impressed with the research she did for my condition(s). Within 5 treatments I was having fewer migraines and less intense, and within 14 visits (averaging two visits per week) they were gone. I was amazed. During treatments you also relieved my hot flashes. Her patience, concern and gentle manner, I am sure, are also reasons I got better. Since my follow up treatments ended, I have not had a migraine, or a hot flash. Personally I recommend her whenever possible. Her compassion and care combined with her knowledge are truly rare. With sincere thanks and appreciation.
Jo Ann, Citrus Heights