Roxanne Feher | East West Acupuncture Center | Pain

There are many reasons why acupuncture helps to reduce pain. The general theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine is that there are meridians, or channels, where the energy flows. When these meridians are blocked then pain exists. East West Acupuncture Center | Conditions Treated | Roseville, CAIf the blockages are removed then the pain will stop. The needles help remove the blockages.

Scientists are always looking for an answer. Recently it was discovered that a chemical called adenosine is elevated when a needle is inserted into an acupuncture point. Adenosine is known for regulating sleep, inhibiting nerve signals and decreasing inflammation. Everyone has heard of endorphins, but did you know that they are released into the bloodstream when needles are inserted into the body? For many people it doesn’t matter how acupuncture works, what matters is that they get fast pain relief.  Acupuncture does just that!

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