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East West Acupuncture Center | Roseville, CA

151 N Sunrise Ave, Suite 819
Roseville CA 95661
(916) 786-8100
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I highly recommend Roxanne's cleanse class. I had been wanting to do a cleanse for awhile but was intimidated by the process and overwhelmed with the different cleanse choices. Roxanne made the whole process so easy. She provided excellent information on food and nutrition that was not only helpful during the cleanse but the information she shared has helped me make healthier food choices after the cleanse. Having the support of someone who has done the cleanse and is so knowledgeable about the cleansing process made the
whole experience so positive!

Thanks so much Roxanne, this cleanse got me off of sugar, fast food, and packaged processed foods in just 3 weeks!
Jennifer, Roseville